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Premium Wood Fired Oven

Premium Wood Fired Oven


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Woodfire Pizza Oven – Premium | Flaming Coals

Model: PO010B

Pizza ovens have come a long way since the days of the homemade brick Italian wood-fired pizza oven. There is now a range of sizes and shapes to suit everyone’s backyard. The biggest change in recent times is the introduction of portable wood-fired pizza ovens that produce results just as good as the 1-tonne brick fixed outdoor ovens. Portable free-standing wood-fired pizza ovens can be moved around when you wish to change or renovate your outdoor kitchen or they can be taken with you when you move houses.

The way portable pizza ovens work is the same as the larger brick ones but a lot quicker. You light the fire in the side or the back of the pizza oven and shut the door. When the fire is burning hot you are ready to cook. From lighting the fire to cooking your pizzas can be as quick as 20 minutes depending on the timber you are using.

After the popularity of the Flaming Coals stainless steel wood fired pizza oven, the guys at Flaming Coals wanted to design a new oven and incorporate some recommendations they received from customers over the years. Their newly designed Woodfire Pizza Oven – Premium is now wider, allowing you to put the fire along the side. This makes it easier to add timber during those longer cooks. Alternatively, you can have the fire in the rear corner and have enough room to cook 3 large pizzas at a time. The outer shell has been given a powder-coated black finish, moving the design away from full stainless and adding a touch of elegance that enhances its new wider design. The thermometer was relocated to the body so you can always keep your eye on the temperature, even when the door is off and the insulation was doubled so the other dome is always cool and the inner cooking chamber is always hot.

Premium Woodfire Pizza Oven Features:

  • 32mm thick pizza stones on the base of the oven – Ensure your wood-fired pizza has a crispy base every time
  • 4 wheels with 450kg weight capacity – Easy maneuverability when required
  • Double-wall dome filled with 150mm thick fiberglass insulation – Maintain optimum cooking temperatures for longer periods and keep the exterior cool
  • Optimum temperature 400-450C – Your wood-fired pizzas will be ready in a few minutes
  • Body mounted thermometer – Lets you know the internal temperature of the oven at all times.
  • Peephole on the door so you can look inside without removing the door.
  • Bottom, stainless steel shelf to store your firewood.
  • Trolley and wheels included (This pizza oven does not need the trolley to function and can be placed on a bench)
  • 12 Month Warranty


  • Unit Size: 103.5cm (W) x 90cm (L) (includes front hob) x 195cm (H) (Including flue)
  • Cooking area: 80cm (W) x  70cm (D) x 35cm (H)
  • Weight: 180kgs